Center for Comparative and International Studies in partnership with ANAD,(Albanian National Association of Deaf) starting from September 1, 2021 are implementing a new project supported by USA Embassy -DEMOCRACY COMMISSION SMALL GRANTS PROGRAM.

The project “we SIGN for JOBS” aims in advocating and creating employment opportunities for deaf community, targeting 120 -150 deaf young people age 18-35, in 12 districts in Albania. CCIS trainers and ANAD interpreters will work closely together with the Deaf people to inform them about employment opportunities, design simplified forms and procedures to be used by ADISA and NESA to access their employment programs, and in partnership with local Chamber of Commerce and local businesses guide the deaf people to concrete employment results. The project will also aim a synergy with similar projects leaded by organizations working with and for people with disabilities and those advocating for human rights in Albania.

Final report (click here)