” We sign for jobs” project meets with the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The “We sign for jobs” project continues its implementation by CCIS and ANAD. Today, the two project partner organizations met with representatives of the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to create bridges of cooperation between the deaf community and businesses that are members of the CCIT.
The meeting was attended by CCIT representatives, Mrs. Albana Lakonri, Secretary General, Mr. Bashkim Sykja, advisor to the president of CCIT, Mrs. Aris Tasho, head of the project office, and Mr. Florjan Rojba, executive director of ANAD, together with Mrs. Nevila Xhindi, project advisor at CCIS.
Mrs. Xhindi made a presentation of the “We sign for Job” project supported by the Small Grants for Democracy Program of the U nited States Embassy in Tirana and implemented by CCIS and ANAD.  Mr. Rojba made a presentation of the problems faced by the community of deaf people in Albania and especially focused on their employment. Today the deaf community is in great difficulty of finding employment, although the law makes it mandatory for businesses to employ people with disability.
Mr. Sykja stressed in his speech the importance of this meeting and the need to  know  ANAD and deaf community that the organization represents. Mr. Sykja promised that the members of the chamber will be informed about this meeting and will receive the necessary information for the community of deaf people in Albania.

The meeting was evaluated by the parties as very important not only to get to know each other, but to set up a new collaboration with concrete results.

About our 4-th Workshop in Paris for the project YOU-WB

About our 4 Workshop in Paris hosted by our partner Patrimoine Sans Frontières in the framework of our EU funded project You- WB “Youth involvement in constructive dialogue: Communist Past in Contemporary Western Balkan”, 1-3 April 2022.

Full program


Recorded video day 1 part 1

Recorded video day 1 part 2

Recorded video day 3

All project partners participated in the workshop Scidev /Центар за управување со промени – ЦУП / Center for Change Management/ Peripli/MUA bringing together youth to engage in constructive discussion about identities in enlarged Europe
We heard from excellent speakers about the narratives of the national identity vis a vis the #European identity, collective memory and politics of architecture across the Balkans and EU and how youth can participate in the construction of narratives
We had the opportunity to explore hidden gems of Paris such as Bellevill and unpack history and narratives about the left, activism, public spaces, streetart, and youth participation
To our hosts and all participants in the #workshop and looking forward to the final YouWB conference in Tirana in May 2022