Forming of groups, personal interviews with young start-up business women and women entrepreneurs in Elbasan

“Micro enterprise development project for women in the cross border area”, a project “Cross-border Programme the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – Albania under the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II) for 2014 & 2015 has entered a very intensive and interesting part of its implementation.
Mesdheu Center and CCIS Project team  prepared the questions for the groups of participants ” to be part of the training” on the base of identified similarities, interests and previous skills, This screening was undertaken through smaller groups with interested candidates in order to map the biggest challenges and form the appropriate groups for improvement. All of the identified needs will be encircled around 6 relevant topics for improvement and building of the skills and competences of the target groups for adequate start-up and restart up.
 Parallel to this activity, the process of programming and preparation of curricula conducted by Mesdheu Center is been  tailored  in order to respond to the needs for each of the identified groups with specific focus: competence building, business development, business management, risk mitigation, financial planning, financial management etc. These will be the specific topics that will be covered with the program starting from December 5th 2018..
There will be all in total 6 experts engaged under the developed curricula  providing of 12 workshops and guiding the candidates through the processes of generating and testing the business ideas and further support the women to build competences and establish the business.

HPiB Project presented at the University of Belgrade

Our project partner in Serbia, Center for Education Policy (CEP), has organised three project presentations at the University of Belgrade in October and November 2018, namely at:  Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Faculty of Political Sciences and Faculty of Philosophy. They reached a total of 30 students. They presented the HPiB project idea and its main activities. They provided them all information about our HPiB project, all the dates, what they would be doing on this project and why experience on this project would be very valuable for them in future.

CEP representatives talked with students about participation of students in Serbia, and the most common belief was that students are mostly not driven enough to try to participate, or when they have the drive they simply lack information on how to achieve any kind of participation. This sparked interesting discussions and ideas for project workshops.

HPiB Project is funded by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office.

HPiB Project presented at the European University of Tirana

Our project “Hacking Participation in Balkans – Innovative ways of empowering Balkans youth to impact policy making processes” – (HPiB) was presented to students at the European University of Tirana on 1 November 2018 by our project coordinator Mrs Erida Curraj and our mentor, Mrs Orkidea Xhaferaj.

They introduced participants to how we are working with young people in Albania and Serbia to increase participation in policy making and fostering digital mobility as a long-term cooperation tool among WB6 youth. About 12 young people were part of the presentation as well as staff from the Internal Relations Unit. The presentation included also a brief introduction to RYCO and the opportunities offered for young people. In addition, during the Q&A session, our project team provided advice and guidance to students regarding project applications and youth activism.

HPiB Project presented to European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

Orkidea Xhaferaj, one of the mentors of our HPiB project, presented the project to Mrs Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society and to Mrs Senida Mesi, Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Albania during their visit to the Professional College of Tirana Laboratories on 13 November 2018.

Mrs Gabriel, Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, visited Tirana in the framework of the EU Digital Agenda for the Western Balkans and had high level meetings with the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Energy. She also visited ADISA, the integrated service delivery centre in Tirana and the Professional College of Tirana, as a higher education institution with state of the art technology laboratories.

During her visit to Professional College of Tirana Mrs Senida Mesi, Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Albania, accompanied her. They both talked to Mrs Xhaferaj regarding the potential of HPiB project and how it helps to promote digital mobility in the Western Balkans 6. In addition, they explored ideas for the future sustainability of the project and highlighted the importance of digital skills for youth in WB6.

HPiB project is funded by Regional Youth Cooperation Office.

Call for Applications, Project Coordinator IPA CBC Macedonia-Albania

The Center for Comparative and International Studies  for the needs of the project implementation “Microenterprise development project for women in the cross-border area” funded from the European Union through the Delegation of the European Union to Albania, Project number: IPA/2016/152956-2/23. is seeking for an individual in the position of Project Coordinator.
Individuals interested should submit a completed CV and letter of interest to be sent by E-mail at [email protected]   and cc : [email protected]   to arrive before 20th November 2018.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted to proceed to the second stage of the selection process.

Filloi zbatimi i trajnimeve dhe këshillimit për gratë dhe vajzat sipërmarrëse në Elbasan

Sot Qendra “Mesdheu” e Universitetit Mesdhetar të Shqipërisë dhe Qendra për Studime të Krahasuara dhe Ndërkombetare filluan zbatimin e njërit nga komponentët e projektit IPA CBC Maqedoni- Shqipëri ” Projekti i zhvillimit të sipërmarrjeve të vogla të grave në zonat ndërkufitare”. Projekti drejtohet nga Center for Change Mangement në Shkup.
Qendra Mesdheu dhe stafi i saj profesionist gjatë zbatimit të projektit kanë përgjegjësinë e trainimit të 50 grave e vajzave që duan të fillojnë një biznes dhe 25 gra e vajza të tjeta që tashmë kanë një biznes e duan ta zhvillojnë më tej atë.
Profesorët e UMSH- ekspert të zhvillimit të start-up dhe re-startup, përzgjatë një viti do ti këshillojnë, ti mentorojnë gratë e vajzat në qytetin e Elbasanit deri në realizimin me sukses të biznes planeve me qëllim regjistrimin e biznesit dhe zhvillimin e planeve të investimit.
Fillon kështu  një projekt i rëndësishëm në ndihmë të nismave sipërmarrëse të grave e vajzave në Elbasan për ti fuqizuar ato, …dhe jo vetëm ekonomikisht, por realizimi i një marrëdhënie të qëndrueshme e Universitetit dhe Biznesit, që ushqehet e rritet si model zhvillimi për brezat e studentëve që studiojnë çdo ditë në Universitetin Mesdhetar të Shqipërisë.