The U2SID project, “University to Society Collaborations for Inclusive Digital Transformation in the Western Balkans,” is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building Programme that promotes a comprehensive and inclusive digital transformation in the region. Building upon the results of the USIA project, which established Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Brokerage units to strengthen institutional and human resources capacities, U2SID recognizes the paramount importance of collaboration between universities, civil society, businesses, policy makers, and media.

Project proposal’s aim is to foster inclusive digital transformation in the Western Balkans through increased collaboration between universities with other stakeholders such as businesses, policy makers, civil society, and media. The U2SID project supports the development and uptake of digital skills to make the digital transformation as comprehensive and inclusive as possible.

The specific objectives of U2SID project are:

  • To strengthen digital competences of teachers, students, and professionals through the development of a Digital Literacies Acceleration Programme as a collaborative programme among universities on one side and businesses, civil society, local decision makers and media on the other;
  • To improve innovative teaching methods through piloting a Digital Transformation Challenge for students as a project-based and solution-oriented learning based on mentoring, coaching and placement at businesses, civil society, local decision makers and media;
  • To raise awareness on the importance of inclusive digitalisation by including vulnerable target groups in the digitalization process.

In line with the Erasmus+ Programme objectives, U2SID contributes to the innovation in higher education, enhancing its relevance to the labor market, regional development, and society. The project not only facilitates knowledge transfer, but also creates economic and social value through the dissemination of teaching and research outcomes to the community and society at large. With a focus on regional HEIs, U2SID fosters strong collaboration between universities and other stakeholders, such as private sector, policy, civil society, and media, ultimately increasing the digital competence of students and staff


  1. University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi”
  2. University “Fan S. Noli”, Korçë
  3. Mediterranean University of Albania
  4. Scidev
  5. Center for Comparative and International
  6. National Agency for Scientific Research a
  7. University of Montenegro
  8. University of Belgrade
  9. University of Salento