HPiB Project presented at the European University of Tirana

Our project “Hacking Participation in Balkans – Innovative ways of empowering Balkans youth to impact policy making processes” – (HPiB) was presented to students at the European University of Tirana on 1 November 2018 by our project coordinator Mrs Erida Curraj and our mentor, Mrs Orkidea Xhaferaj.

They introduced participants to how we are working with young people in Albania and Serbia to increase participation in policy making and fostering digital mobility as a long-term cooperation tool among WB6 youth. About 12 young people were part of the presentation as well as staff from the Internal Relations Unit. The presentation included also a brief introduction to RYCO and the opportunities offered for young people. In addition, during the Q&A session, our project team provided advice and guidance to students regarding project applications and youth activism.

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