HPiB Project presented at the University of Belgrade

Our project partner in Serbia, Center for Education Policy (CEP), has organised three project presentations at the University of Belgrade in October and November 2018, namely at:  Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Faculty of Political Sciences and Faculty of Philosophy. They reached a total of 30 students. They presented the HPiB project idea and its main activities. They provided them all information about our HPiB project, all the dates, what they would be doing on this project and why experience on this project would be very valuable for them in future.

CEP representatives talked with students about participation of students in Serbia, and the most common belief was that students are mostly not driven enough to try to participate, or when they have the drive they simply lack information on how to achieve any kind of participation. This sparked interesting discussions and ideas for project workshops.

HPiB Project is funded by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office.

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