CCIS leads the monitoring and evaluation process for the ERASMUS + CBHE, USIA project

On 14/06/2022, in the framework of WP7 – Quality Assurance, Mediterranean University of Albania (MUA) held an online meeting with The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU) and Center for Comparative and International Studies (CCIS), which are the leaders of this WP. Part of this meeting was also Mrs. Suela Topi, the external evaluator.
👉The partners discussed on the importance of monitoring and evaluation of the project as they have created all the means to monitor every activity of the project. Their next task is to design an evaluation template for the upcoming workshop of Belgrade. The partners agreed to design a questionnaire for the managers and attendees of different activities of the project, in order to deliver it to them nearly the end of the project, so that they can provide their feedback for the overall U-SIA project.

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