CCIS designing and leading the Quality Assurance Plan for USIA Erasmus+ project

CCIS participated in The second Steering Committee meeting of the USIA project, hosted online on Zoom Platform by Mediterranean Center- Mediterranean University of Albania (MUA) as project leader and with the participation of 11 other SC members from project partners.

Following the agenda Dr. Dorina Gjipali Project manager at CCIS- a partner organization at USIA project and leader of WP7- Quality plan, presented Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) drafted in very close and productive cooperation with ACEEU colleagues and the support of the leading institution Mediterranean University of Albania. The Quality Assurance Plan (QAP, Plan) forms a single point of reference in relation to the USI-A Project’s quality assurance priorities, standards, indicators, procedures and roles. It has been developed as a core element of the WP 7 (Quality Assurance Plan-QAP) of the Project in compliance with the Project description and all applicable rules and guidelines.

Mrs. Gjipali started her presentation by thanking everyone for being part of the discussion and approval of Quality Assurance Plan and especially Mr. Nikolai Shmeleand Ms. Adissa Ejubovic from ACEEU for their significant contribution to QAP. She expressed her appreciation for all the recommendations received while drafting this project document.

The aim of the Plan is to define the quality control and quality assurance activities that will be carried out throughout the project in order to ensure smooth implementation, continuous monitoring and high-quality level of the project activities and outcomes.
The QAP will facilitate healthy and efficient collaboration among the project partners and ensure delivery of high-quality results and outcomes. It will also help partners to assess and manage project risks, identify and rectify shortcomings, and allow for speedy improvements.
QAP will be amended by agreements and also reviewed by the end of the year
By end of the presentation session, QAP was approved from Project Steering Committee.

USIA_ppt__WP7_Quality Assurance Plan Approval_CCIS

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