About Us

Background: QSKN is a dynamic and leading non-profit organization with a regional focus. QSKN promotes international cooperation by applying international expertise to frame issues, inform decision-making and guide change, in partnership with governments, foundations, businesses, civic groups, non-profit organizations and universities. With its very qualified expertise and consultants and excellent performance QSKN seeks to be a leading Think Tank supporting regional structures and activities, by building local capacity, strengthening and expanding its international network, ensuring financial sustainability and managing change within its organization.

QSKN conducts basic and policy-oriented research as per the research portfolio outlined above. QSKN produces policy papers, research reports, conferences, capacity-building trainings and public events. QSKN participates in national, regional and international projects funded by the European Commission; Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly, MEDEA, CERAI, European Movement, Foundation Charls Léopold Mayor pour le Progrès de l’Homme, Hanns Seidel Foundation etc.

QSKN works closely with other organisations from the public and private sector and it has successfully collaborated with the Municipality of Tirana, The Albanian Association of Municipalities, UET Centre, Polis University, University of Agriculture, ACIT, and Tech360 etc.

The Research Portfolio of the QSKN includes:

 Sustainable Development;

 Good governance;

 Human Rights and Human Security;

 Democratization;

 Regional Comparative Research.

Financial capacity: QSKN is experienced in project management and has developed adequate institutional capacities to successfully design and conduct research projects together with the procedures for their financial and administrative management. It uses separate accounting for each project and reports separately to the respective donor. QSKN has developed a Financial Management Handbook which aim is to ensure compliance of financial transactions and practices with the Center regulations, donor’s requirements and legislation in place for non for profit organizations.

The Finance Officer is responsible for the financial report and to the financial management guiding principles. In addition, QSKN provides constant monitoring of the projects in order to make sure it is running as per the schedule and budget.

Court registration: QSKN was registered at the Tirana District Court on the 02.10.2006, No. 327. QSKN

General Organizational Capability

QSKN has overall a good institutional organization, with an active Board of Directors, an Executive Director, Project Managers and researchers for each working programme as well as associated experts and scholars.

QSKN is experienced in research and project management thus it has developed adequate institutional capacities to successfully design and conduct research projects as well as it has established practical procedures for the financial and administrative management of the projects.

Constant Quality Monitoring: At the QSKN we have adopted Quality Assurance mechanisms at every project from its start up to delivery. QSKN observes the Quality Management for the projects and monitores progress in the achievement of outputs, by determining the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the activities undertaken.

Logistics: For the purposes of implementation of the projects, QSKN has in disposition its available working places which provide suitable working environment for the team of researchers.

Key features of QSKN research:

Key features of QSKN research are its strong empirical base, collection of primary data and critical analysis; its policy focus by covering current and future policy challenges in Albania and offering elaborated arguments as well as the free and open dissemination of research.

QSKN has consolidated a network of partners from the policy-making sector, business community, academia, civil society, etc.

QSKN is comprised of a small core fellowship of distinguished researchers as well as associated and visiting researchers, who all adhere to the Research Integrity Statement. This is actually one of the crucial assets of QSKN as it ensures the independence, professional integrity, coherent methodology, rigorous code of ethics, quality and objectivity its research.