Training in Elbasan: Restructuring the business and Development of Business Plan: step to successful restructuring of an existing business

Often companies do not allow enough time for planning and implementing the restructure. A restructuring process involves details concerning vendors and consumers, stockholders and financial relationships, employees and inventory, quality control and environmental impact, equipment and technology, and management and marketing. All of these areas need careful thought and consideration to determine how company restructuring will affect each one. The writing of a business plan allows the entrepreneur to foresee all the indispensable steps to achieve the objective of restructuring/ expanding the existing business.

During this session the participants learn to define all the actions they will take to complete the restructuring or expansion of the activity, the time span of each action, the costs for each stage of development.This session devotes a particular place and importance to the presentation of the business plan for getting the necessary funding, both for founding and circulating capital, to the calculation of cash flows, determining the return on investment and assessing the expected profit. This topic is one of the main pillars of the subject in discussion. Obviously, this part requires more than the entrepreneurial spirit. Financial issues should be considered, which necessitates some knowledge on the field and especially the attention and concentration to grab the most useful principles and notions from the participants.


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