Exciting news from our recent meeting! 🚀 CCIS partnering in a new Erasmus+ project🏆 The DIGITCRESHE project is making strides to enhance the quality of Higher Education programs for the Creative and Cultural Sector (CCS) in the Western Balkans. The focus is on ensuring student satisfaction, boosting graduates’ competitiveness in the job market, and implementing digital transformation through innovative educational tools. The project will analyze current CCS higher education status, industry trends, required skills, technology usage, and more. 🎓🌐 Let’s empower our creative minds and shape the future of the cultural and creative industries together!
Curious about how it all begins? 🤔 The baseline analysis is the key! 🗝️ It involves collecting data on the current state of the creative and cultural industries and higher education in CCS. This one-month initiative, combining desk research and 10 online interviews with experts, academics, students, and professionals, will provide a solid foundation for the project. The resulting national report, featuring an executive summary, detailed findings, analysis, and conclusions, will guide us toward achieving meaningful goals in the realm of education and creativity. 📊📚 Let’s build a brighter future together!

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