Partnership Continuation in the DIGITCRESHE Project.

The CCIS is pleased to share the news regarding its further partnership and collaboration in the DIGITCRESHE Project, that stands for the Digital Transformation in Education for the Cultural and Creative Industries.


The goals of this project are:

– Improvement of the quality of the higher education institutions (HEI) offer in the Balkan countries.

– Making the use of new digitalized methodologies and tools in the field of creative industries possible.

– Increase the percentage of students that express higher satisfaction from the skills gained in the new curricula.

– Developing, adapting and re-defining the curricula, courses and learning materials in HEI.


Throughout the project, there will be at least 30 joint activities for cooperation among the partners from the Balkan countries and the HEI from the EU member states. Hence, a broad range of stakeholders will be involved in order to harmonize the competencies and skills of the graduates with the labor market. In order for the project’s goals to be met,  several activities will be held, starting from Creative Labs, Teacher Mobility and Training, Master Classes, Intensive Study Programs as well as Online Learning and Community Platforms.

For further details of the collaboration, please feel free to read the provided leaflets of information, as follows.



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