Our trainers are holding the four workshop with the startup group of women in Elbasan with the topic: “The main steps of establishing a company, the selection of legal forms: Regulatory framework.”

They trained the women on general information about regulatory issues while carrying out a business activity is a must for every business activity. This session provided participants with judicial and fiscal information, helpful to recognize the actions they need to make when deciding on the type of the activity they will perform.

They learn to determine what legal form would be most suitable for their company, forms of partnership, if required, and the costs of its establishment. At the same time, the background is provided for the initial elements of building the organizational chart of company and especially basic methodology in order to determine the requirements for employees, tools and skills. Further on, this topic serves for learning how to estimate the cost of business inside and outside the production boundaries. It informs about the business tax obligations, workplace security obligations, guarantees for environmental compliance, and the personal obligations that the entrepreneur has in a business, etc. An important part of this topic is how to find foreign partners or local investors who believe in the suggested business idea of the participant.


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