HPiB Workshop and study visit in Belgrade

In the framework of the project “Hacking Participation in the Balkans -Innovative ways of empowering Balkans youth to impact policy making processes”, the first workshop and study visit was organised in Belgrade on 29th and 30th November by our partner Center for Educational Policies. The workshop and study visit was organised as a combination of meetings with policy makers on youth and regional policies as well as training sessions on topics related to youth participation.

The first visit was to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. We had the pleasure to meet with the State Secretary of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development, Ana Langović Milicević and Marina Hasanović, Senior Advisor and Head of Department for Student & Pupil Standard. They talked about the educational system in Serbia, relevant achievements and challenges.  A second meeting was with Stefana Miladinović, who serves in the National Assembly of Serbia from 2014. She talked a bit about the making of the National Assembly and its history. She also talked about the legislation, decision-making process, youth participation and examples of good practice in Serbia.

The youth from Albania and Serbia then continued to Share Square Hub, a multifunctional physical space where you can share your knowledge, skills and ideas similarly to the way you do on social media. There we had workshop with two students Zvezdana Vuletić and Antonina Marin, who shared their experiences as young and proactive students in student organisations. After that we had a short visit from Vladimir Bozovic, who is President Vučić’s Advisor for regional cooperation with religious communities.

On the second day the HPiB youth visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they met with Pavle Jankovic,  Head of Department for Regional Initiatives. They had an open discussion with him about participation, the true meaning of it and the tools to achieve it. The last visit was at ICT Hub, where the whole afternoon HPiB youth had lectures with our mentors Orkidea, Tijana and Dusan. Their main topics where participation, decision making process, key competencies to achieve participation, and digital participation of youth.

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