HPiB Project contributes to capacity building of high schools in Albania

POGRADEC – RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania, in cooperation with the OSCE Presence in Albania, organized a four-day Capacity Building Training with representatives of high schools in Albania on 24-27 October 2018 in Pogradec. Erida Curraj, HPiB Project Coordinator, attended the training on the 27 October and presented the project and its opportunities to high school teachers.

Twenty high school teachers from all over Albania attended the training. The participants were selected from vocational and general high schools. The training aimed to strengthen the capacities of potential RYCO beneficiaries in project cycle management and intercultural learning and dialogue.

During the implementation of the training, the teachers had the chance to deepen their knowledge on RYCO thematic areas such as intercultural learning and dialogue and active participation of young people to further use them in potential project proposals. Under the directions of the trainers, the teachers used the thematic knowledge as backbone to the Project Cycle Management modules. In addition, the teachers discussed in detail the opportunities offered by our project HPiB funded by RYCO and Mrs Curraj provided advice on how to be actively involved in project applications. As networking is part of RYCO projects, this activity served our project and organisation to get to know high school teachers and potential partners for the future.

Read more about the training: https://www.rycowb.org/?p=5414

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