Ensuring Quality and Effectiveness: CCIS’s MEL Plan for the EYDR Project

Since November 2023, CCIS has been actively engaged in the implementation of the EYDR project, with the dedicated involvement of CCIS’s experienced team and the invaluable contribution of experts to design MEL Plan. The journey began with an intensive process of designing the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) plan tailored for the project’s unique requirements. This plan, meticulously crafted by CCIS, outlines a series of crucial tasks and activities aimed at ensuring the project’s smooth execution, continuous monitoring, and delivery of high-quality outcomes.

The initial phase involved a comprehensive assessment by CCIS to understand the project’s scope, objectives, and expected outcomes. This assessment enabled the identification of key performance indicators (KPIs) and baseline data necessary for monitoring progress effectively. Subsequently, CCIS developed a robust monitoring framework,  specific indicators, data collection methods, responsibilities, and timelines to guide the tracking of project progress and performance.

To uphold the project’s quality standards, CCIS established rigorous quality control procedures, including regular reviews, inspections, and audits of project deliverables and processes. Additionally, CCIS implemented various quality assurance measures, such as training sessions and capacity-building initiatives, to enhance the skills and competencies of project stakeholders.

Continuous monitoring remains a cornerstone of CCIS’s approach, ensuring ongoing tracking of project activities and progress against predetermined targets. Through regular data collection, analysis, and reporting, CCIS identifies deviations from planned activities and takes corrective actions as needed.

Furthermore, CCIS fosters a culture of learning and adaptation within the project team, facilitating reflection sessions, knowledge-sharing events, and lessons learned workshops. This enables informed decision-making and adjustments in response to emerging challenges and opportunities.

Periodic evaluations conducted by CCIS will assess the overall effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of the project. Stakeholder feedback, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and evaluation reports with recommendations for future improvements are key components of this process.

With the continuous support and feedback from the SCIDEV project team, the MEL plan was comprehensively developed and approved by project partners, underscoring CCIS’s commitment to ensuring the EYDR project’s success and its significant contribution to youth participation in digital democracy.

Here some pictures from the presentation of the MEL plan at the steering committee meeting on March 19, 2024


Stay tuned for updates as we work to empower youth participation in digital democracy!

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