Creative City Forum 2023

DIGITCRESHE, an EU-funded project focused on digital literacy and empowerment, celebrated a significant achievement at its latest event hosted by Universiteti Barleti in collaboration with Mediterranean University of Albania and Center for Comparative and International Studies #CCIS. The event took place in conjunction with the Creative City Forum—an annual gathering of professionals in the Creative and Cultural Sector (CCS) on 13 December.
The Creative City Forum brought together professionals from the Creative and Cultural Sector (CCS), including “Mikser Ballkan” Founder, Maja Lalic, who shared the speaker stage with Mika Cimolini from “Centre for Creativity”, Fation Dragoshi from “Aftësi për Punë S4J”, and Jonid Jorgji from “Creative Industry Agency”, Tirana Municipality.
This collaborative exchange featured discussions on our organizations’ visions and rich experiences in nurturing talents and developing the creative scene in the Balkans.
The three day event started with Creative City Forum, followed by a managers meeting at Mediterranean University of Albania, emphasizing the role of education and empowerment in the Creative and Cultural Sector (CCS). Attendees engaged in presentations, panel discussions, and networking sessions.
DIGITCRESHE is a European collaboration involving 16 institutions across Europe, part of the ERASMUS+ Projects under the Albanian Erasmus+ Office. The project aims to improve the quality of the Higher Education programmes for the Creative Industries in the Western Balkan countries.
For more information about DIGITCRESHE and its initiatives, please visit
Funded by the European Union

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