CCIS and Mesdheu Center group of experts stated today to provide a series of workshops and technical support for the project “Development of micro-enterprises of women in the cross-border area” for increasing women’s competitiveness and recommending sustainable solutions for the development of the existing women’s micro and small businesses.

Increased competition, technological changes and government regulation are among the many challenges business owners face in today’s competitive world. The business model that worked in the initial phase of operation may no longer be profitable five years after start-up. Slow or no growth, market downturns, an inefficient structure and accumulating debt are a few of the signals that company restructuring may be in its best interest. Such situation is encountered in the regions this project intends to be implemented, consequently encourages us to suggest some ways of dealing with the problem.

In order to successfully realize this step, we anticipate a promotional campaign to recognize the Elbasan women’s business community with the expected results of this project. Providing information and drawing the attention of business women on the restructuring process is the first move towards a successful set of actions to the benefit of businesses and the whole community.

In order to reach a more realistic business plan for the expansion and restructuring of selected businesses, 6 seminar / training sessions will intend to enable the executives to evaluate the current situation of their business/ company, their restructuring opportunities and to increase their management skills.

We started with the topic “Evaluation of the economic and financial position of a business in the market”

Companies face many difficulties dealing with the frequent changes in today’s economy, and company restructuring can be a short and long-term answer to maintaining company viability. With a challenging economy, in our geographical region one of the most common reasons for possible restructuring is the difficulty of keeping sales results above a financial break-even point. An additional key reason to review a business reorganization is the preparation for major growth involving new products or services. In some other cases, legal and financial reasons might dictate a restructuring alternative.

The main goal of this session is to acknowledge the participants with the indicators for determining the position of a business in the market. The most important part of restructuring lies in defining the problem and after that in postulating the solution. Regardless of the type of businesses chosen, there are ways of evaluating the competition, the factors that determine the dynamics of a particular market, the impact of regional development policies, and so on. The session will end up with the SWOT analysis for a company and the advantages it can provide. It is a simple but useful framework for analyzing an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats that it is facing. It helps the company/ business to focus on the strengths and try to minimize threats.  From the other side, it highlights the opportunities available and how to take the greatest possible advantage of them for the business.  In any case, it should be emphasized that such analysis can help the company identify and understand key issues affecting the business, but it does not necessarily offer solutions.


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