Business workshop 5 – start up group of women in Elbasan- Factors that determine where the business will be developed and how we do analyze it economically.

Every business realizes its activity on a certain surface and needs a certain space, which is generally defined based on different criteria according to types businesses. In this topic, the participants learn how to classify the factors influencing this decision, how to calculate the necessary surface for some types of business, how the place relates to the functional costs, how it affects the sales promotion, and how much it affects the potential customers. Finally, the commercial area performance is analyzed for businesses that realize retail or wholesale merchandise sales for consumption products. The elements needed to evaluate the profitability of the shelf and the promotion at the selling place are also described and discussed. The above relates mainly to those activities that offer products, but also services where some material output is incorporated.

Although actually online activities are becoming highly widespread, still the place/ location is strictly related to most of the core of the activity in which generally women are involved. The point to consider is the fact that the intention of this project is to stimulate the engagement of women whose education level and information technology background and experience is relatively limited.


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