A fruitful meeting at ADISA

Today a fruitfull meeting at ADISA!
A great discussion and joint efforts of @ADISA-CCIS and ANAD-SHKSHNJND.
The training materials for employment opportunities are ready and 6 videos are produced.
The project team and the representatives from ADISA, the executive director Mr. Lorin Ymeri and the director for the development of the services Mrs. Jonida Taraj, discussed on how to facilitate the access of the deaf community into employment opportunities, and what needs to be change in ADISA’s forms and procedures for a greater access.
They agreed to post the training videos“Finding Employment Opportunities”. on their website and in the social media. Based on the feedback taken from participants in the training we will design together simplified forms and procedures to facilitated access of the deaf community into employment opportunities.
The project “we SIGN for JOBS” aims in advocating and creating employment opportunities for deaf community. CCIS trainers and ANAD interpreters are working closely together with the Deaf people to inform them about employment opportunities, design simplified forms and procedures to be used by ADISA Integrated Services Center and National Employment and Skills Agency (NESA) to access their employment program.

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