Eating City is a multi-year program of activities that seeks to create opportunities of international meeting, in Europe, China, USA and Africa, to elaborate several case studies in multiple dimensions (Ecadim) and a series of publications with concrete proposals useful for public and private decision makers working upstream and downstream of the food chain and also for food industry and food service operators and buyers.

In the framework of the Eating City programme, QSKN organized a two-day event (June 13-14, 2014) related to Food safety and Food Sustainability in European Emerging Countries, including the Balkan countries. QSKN brought together stakeholders to work out pragmatic proposals addressed to public and private Decision Makers of the agro-alimentary sector and catering industries in order to build a new economic paradigm, putting human labour at the centre of the economy, and sustainability among the key variables of enterprises. In the core of this debate the triple challenge about: economic, environmental and social, with all potentials to become the causing factor of a new development cycle: the sustainable development cycle, starting from the analysis of energy-environmental flows linked to the food supply of a large urban settlement.

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