Second workshop YOU-WB in Skopje -Youth involvement in a constructive dialogue


Center for Change Management within the project “Youth involvement in a constructive dialogue: Communist past in contemporary Western Balkan” / YOU-WB (YOU-WB) – supported by the European Union in the framework of Europe for Citizens progamme (February 2021 – July 2022), organized the second 3-day workshop (18-20 June) in Skopje.

The theme of the second workshop was “The effect of rapid social changes during the post-communist transition and people’s perceptions in Macedonia”. This was a mixed event that consisted of online presentations and discussions through the ZOOM platform and a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje.

About 40 young people attended the two days workshop and together with the panelists, discussed topics related to the period of communism and the transition of the Balkan countries, but with an emphasis on the case of North Macedonia.

On the first day (18.06.2021)- Professor Maleski and Professor Frchkoski had their presentations on the topics: Independence Through Peaceful Self-determination (The case of Macedonia) and Policy of identities and liberal democracy in transitional countries in the region, about the current situation of North Macedonia in terms of the democratic process, the definition of identities today, etc.



The second day(19.06.2021) was attended by 7 panelists Ass. Prof. Dr. Natalija Shikova was speaking about building multicultural society: developing and sustaining dialogue among the communities, Prof. Dr. Jeton Sasivari focused on the constitutional aspects of Transition in North Macedonia: governance of political parties vs. Governance for Citizens, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marina Andeva had an interesting presentation about the Minorities’ rights: individual or collective protection, Prof. Dr. Mirjana Maleska took everybody back in the time of the revolutions from 1989, the history and the legacy. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Petrusevska Ristovska had an interesting topic- “Spaces of oblivion”, she is an artist and shared with the participants her photos of old buildings in Skopje and what’s her point of view, how she sees things through her camera. Vladimir Janchevski, the researcher had a presentation of “provocative Images, Again(St): Contemporary Art interventions in Public Space” .Mr. Agron Biba an actor and director, was talking about the Youth Perspectives, through true stories examples from the past and talked about the importance of communism and explained why it is important on a personal level as well.




Day 3 (20.06.2021)- Vladimir Janchevski, together with young students visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje and talked about its importance and history.

Communism, although long gone, is still part of many countries around the world. It left a great impact on many people, many thinkers, economists, philosophers, opinion makers, and even on sports and popular culture.



The project duration is 18 months and is targeting especially youth from Albania, North Macedonia, France, and Italy, as well as academics, politicians, civil society, decision-makers, researchers in remembering the past in order to secure and fight for a better future for all. The main goal of the project is to foster national and transnational youth activists’ dialogue about the reflection of past communist regimes in contemporary WB and EU countries.

Workshop videos

“Youth involvement in a constructive dialogue: Communist Past in Contemporary Western Balkans” / YOU-WB project is funded by the European Union in the framework of Europe for CitizensEuropean Remembrance strand and led by Center for Comparative and International Studies in partnership with Mediterranean CenterSCiDEVPatrimoine sans FrontièresPERIPLI and CCM

Center for Change Management Coverage of Event

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