Opening of the tender process BID 5/2018

Center for Comparative and International Studies (CCIS) for the needs of the of the project ‘Microenterprise development project for women in the cross-border area’, which is being realized within the framework of the ‘Cross-border cooperation program with Albania for 2014 and 2015’, which is implemented by a consortium led by the Center for Change Management (CCM). Is opening a tendering process as regarding the below:

The project envisages realization of 12 full-day trainings for a maximum of 30 participants in Elbasan region. The trainings will be implemented in the period from November 2018 to December 2019. We invite you to submit your offers according to the information given at the Invitation for Bids and the Requested Offer Form, which are provided in attachment. The selection of the most appropriate bid will be executed according to the ‘lowest bid price’ principle. The payment will be made after each of the trainings delivered on the basis of the submitted invoice.

The above documents describe in detail all the information required for the procurement.

The deadline for submitting the bids via regular mail is up to November 9, 2018 no later than 16:00 o’clock at the address:

Center for Comparative and International Studies

Rr. Elbasanit, Pall filipeu 2, apt 4 E. Tirana

With ATT to: Enis Sokoli

Any additional clarifications regarding the offer can be obtained through the e-mail address of CCIS, [email protected], till Nov 3, 2018, no later than 16 o’clock.

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