CCIS and Mesdheu Center on Dec 19, 2018 had another training session with the startup group of women in Elbasan on the topic “How to test a business idea and what are the steps of testing a successful business idea”

The aim of this session is to help participants learning how to test a successful business idea on the desk, before starting it in the real market. This means we are in the stage that someone has an idea of entrepreneurship and will try to reveal the probability of success for this idea. By applying step by step the test methodology, participants learn who is the potential client of the suggested activity, what product or service do replace or complete this business in the market, how should/ can be presented this idea to others, and how much will the others will trust it, what are the financing needs and where to find them etc.

We live in a period when the innovation and the globalization phenomena play a crucial role in the increase of types of products and services presented and even provided in the markets all over the world. From this viewpoint, many business ideas can be based on similar products offered by competitors, while the challenge is to provide them for the targeted customers with the accepted price and in due time. From the other side, in every country there are specific needs that can be detected locally and fulfilled by solutions locally provided. Such needs can be addressed and turned in demand, taking advantage of the first provider in the market, with all the positive effects it has. This reasoning can expand the range of ideas, which can be combined with the capabilities and be transformed into realizable activities.   Consecutive analysis of the suggested activity as well as the analysis of the market demand for the product/ service, enables utilization of measurable procedures for assessing the probability of success. The topic, besides teaching participants to think as entrepreneurs, also provides the opportunity to evidence the knowledge that they have in the field and how to put them in practice. This is considered a simple method to help the decision making for establishing a business.

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